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How to Teach Informative Writing – Dinosaur Style! (Gr.3-5)

Informative Writing Piece – “Dinosaurs” This is a cloze paragraph model that helps to teach the steps of composing a paragraph. It also provides the sequencing words and filler words necessary to write a paragraph. This is a great way to start the process of teaching the “How’s” of writing a 4-5 paragraph writing piece. Enjoy! Click here to take you to the link!  


Draft of “Cloze” model – Paragraph 1 and 2  

Draft of “Cloze” model – Paragraph 3  

Paragraph 4 Template   

 More research!  

Now that all the the research and templates have been completed, the final draft begins! 

Final draft! Title page!

Final draft – Paragraph 1 

Final draft – Paragraph 2  

Final draft – Paragraph 3

Final Draft- Paragraph 4  

Scoring rubric!

There is just something about typing! To many students, typing is a novelty and is a fun task. It is much more exciting than writing.  To many, it is also easier!

Writing Combined with Art in 5th Grade

Travel the World in Your Classroom! (End of the Year Fun with a Personal Passport)

My 4th and 5th graders loooved this activity so much! I listed the directions & skills (on the Smartboard) for each to work on at their own pace. I was there to help, when needed, though.

When a student finished his task, he came to passport control (me!) and I checked his work. If it was correct, I stamped his passport and gave him a new page (country/”task”).

If the student came to passport control without his passport, then he had to sit in jail (haha!) for crossing the border without proper documentation! He could only come out of jail after answering 5 Math facts! It took 3 days (45 min/day) for all tasks (in these pictures) to be completed. (10 students-Remedial-Special Ed.-Math, Language, Gr.4&5)

Here are some completed images. I made the passport cover with simple clipart images.


I just completed another successful year of this project with my 5th grade students! When the they visited each country and completed each task successfully….they earned a stamp and then a prize when they returned back to America!

Passport Cover  Click to the left to print out your very own passport cover. It’s a little different than the one shown here because I can’t find the file for the one shown in my pics here-err!

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