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Math Skill Sheets -Modified and Marvelous!

The below Math Skill sheets are aligned with 4th grade Common Core State Standards. These sheets were written at a modified work length and they also contain easier to understand directions. These are also great for reviewing skills with 5th grade students where gaps in mastery may exist.

This is the entire set of math sheets: Click here!!!

Set 1 – Month 1

Click here for Set 1- Month 1 MATH

Set 2 – Month 2

  Click here to access the link to Set 2- Month 2 MATH

Set 3 – Month 3

 Click here for Set 3-Month 3 MATH

Set 4 – Month 4

 Click here for Set 4-Month 4 MATH

Set 5 – Month 5

 Click here for Set 5-Month 5 MATH
Set 6 – Month 6

 Click here for Set 6-Month 6 MATH

Set 7 – Month 7

IMG_5042 Click here for Set 7-Month 7 MATH

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4th Grade Spelling with a Twist!

spelling 1 year bundle cover image pink

I just wanted to share my latest “bundle” of joy that I’ve completed! It is a 9 month, 34 week curriculum set of Spelling lists, activities, practice sheets, reading passages, sorting sheets and more. The entire download (available at my TpT shop – because it is a large zip file) is 130 pages. I created and used this curriculum with my 4th grade students who attend the Resource room. It contains modified lists from 10-20 words (the # varies each week), based on a variety of the Pearson Reading Street suggested grade 4 words. I aligned the Elementary Elephant Spelling curriculum with the 4th grade US Common Core State Standards, as well.

Here is  a picture of how I set up the activity sheets:


The preview is a bit blurry, but it gives you a general idea of how I set up the activity sheets and how each sheet is different from the other. The yearly time line is blurred out and “tiny” on purpose to ensure that my work is protected. All my work is protected under my terms of use and copyright laws, noted at my TpT shop.

15 Minute Phonics-1

Each week, I introduce a new phonics skill. These are review of 1st-2nd grade skills that my students never mastered and I’m teaching these skills as a form of intervention. My goal is to increase their reading fluency and to master their phonics skills!

Here are some of the first few skills that I introduce….

Long A/Short A

Vowel Teams–Ai/Ay words

Little Printable Books

Social Emotional Anchor Charts: Response to Feelings

Coronovirus and Special Education!

Photo by cottonbro on

The Coronavirus pandemic is turned us all upside down, right? In my self-learning time at home, I came across some vital information and would like to share it with you.

First, is from the United States Department of Education. You can find this information at:

Here is what the federal government has determined, based on current federal guidelines around IDEA (individuals with disabilities education act) and FAPE (free and appropriate public education). This information was posted on their site on March 21, 2020:

Supple Fact Sheet 3.21.20 FINAL 

I also wanted to share my daily plan sheet that I have sent to my students and that I am using with my own students…

Daily Plan 

One last item I’d like to share is the brief article, “Talking with Your Children About Coronovirus” … there to see this great article by the CDC…

Phonics Curriculum!!!!

Here you can find visuals for small group lessons, activities and games. These are interactive for children to sort and sound out words based on the phonics pattern.

Addition by 2’s – PowerPoint Game

Math facts 2 PP image

This is an interactive PowerPoint game where students say the equation (2+1= ?), then guess the answer. Next, the student will tap the Smart-board or click the keyboard or mouse to go to the next slide. The next slide shows the correct answer. This is more like an interactive game, than a show! Enjoy!

Math Facts – Addition by 2  Click to the left to begin the show!

Multiplication Review 0-5 on the Smartboard!!!!

Mult Powerpoint 0-5 cover picture.docx

This is a fun way for children to practice, review and learn multiplication facts 0-5!!!

Children practice multiplication facts in a small group, whole class or independently with this PowerPoint slide show.

Simply start the slideshow and the child will “say” the math fact: 2X2= ?. Next, the child will guess the answer. Then, he/she will “click” the “pawprint” on the next slide to reveal the answer.

*This can be used on a Smartboard or a desktop computer (by using a mouse).

Created by: Andrea Chouhan

Click here for the Link to the 0-5 Multiplication Powerpoint


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