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Can you help name our Elephant?


For now, I will call her Ellie the Elephant….but what do you think? Please cast your vote in the comments section. This gorgeously illustrated elephant, created by “graphics from the pond” at TpT is my mascot, symbol and just fun symbol of my new ELEMENTARY ELEPHANT website! Thanks for your input! -Andrea C.

Welcome to Elementary Elephant, the newest K-5 teacher site!

This is a Curriculum centered website, housing teacher made lesson plans and activities. They range from grades K-5 and also include Pre-K and Special Education. Lessons are developed around either Common-Core, TX and/or AL standards. I absolutely love, love, love writing lesson plans. Call me crazy, but it’s my thing! I hope you enjoy the elementary elephant curriculum as much as my students have! Happy teaching! -Andrea

Although much of this site is under construction (since it was just born 2/7/15), it is not my 1st site. EVERYTHING kindergarten is completed at

Thanks for visiting ! -Andrea

Elephant logo by: FishScraps, Check out her TpT site:


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