I am the quiet teacher next door, until you enter my classroom! My classroom comes alive with reading adventures, projects, and small group learning. In my room , we make mistakes and we move on. We learn respect as we practice it.

I’ve been blessed to teach a range of grade levels over my past 14 years of teaching, including Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade, Sp.Ed-PK, Sp.Ed-K and Sp.Ed-4th/5th. My classroom this year consists of 4th/5th grade students (Resource-Reading/Language Arts/Math).

By my 3rd year teaching, I came up with a lesson plan template/guide/system that helped me in my organizing and teaching. I actually started liking writing lesson plans! So much, that I got my Masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction! I learned how to correctly align LP ‘s with the standards, texts , state course of study , etc! It may sound a ‘lil nerdy, but that’s my niche. And that’s why I am here! My years of “stuff” is no longer in file cabinets, but is digital.

Although much of this site is under construction (since it was just born 2/7/15), it is not my 1st site. EVERYTHING kindergarten is completed at http://greenbeankindergarten.com

Thanks for visiting ! -Andrea