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4th Grade Spelling with a Twist!

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I just wanted to share my latest “bundle” of joy that I’ve completed! It is a 9 month, 34 week curriculum set of Spelling lists, activities, practice sheets, reading passages, sorting sheets and more. The entire download (available at my TpT shop – because it is a large zip file) is 130 pages. I created and used this curriculum with my 4th grade students who attend the Resource room. It contains modified lists from 10-20 words (the # varies each week), based on a variety of the Pearson Reading Street suggested grade 4 words. I aligned the Elementary Elephant Spelling curriculum with the 4th grade US Common Core State Standards, as well.

Here is  a picture of how I set up the activity sheets:


The preview is a bit blurry, but it gives you a general idea of how I set up the activity sheets and how each sheet is different from the other. The yearly time line is blurred out and “tiny” on purpose to ensure that my work is protected. All my work is protected under my terms of use and copyright laws, noted at my TpT shop.

Spiced Up Spelling Word Activities

Each day of the week, I vary the activity that my students work on to learn their spelling words. It makes learning words more exciting than writing words 10 times each.

Spelling Words Activity 1Sort by # Sort words by the amount of letters in each word.  

Spelling Activity 2 – Writing Response – Read and answer questions that contain spelling words.

Spelling Activity 3 – Stamp your Spelling Words (I purchased these small cube letter stamps at Michaels, for $1!)

Spelling Activity 4 – Typing!  Type words into the following website:

Spelling Activity 5 – Flash Cards –Make flash cards on construction paper. Later, have a spelling bee!

Spelling Activity 6 – Word Illustrations – Draw a picture to match each word.

Spelling Activity 7 – Sentences Write a sentence with each spelling word.

In addition to the above activities, I have created and published the ELEMENTARY ELEPHANT Spelling Curriculum, aligned with the Common Core State Standards and using the Pearson 4th grade spelling words as a guide. The following link will take you to my TpT shop, where you can view more details and download it. You can also purchase the entire full year (34 week/9 month) Activity and Word List bundle, or you can sample it with Month 1 or Month 2. You my also like to know that the lists are modified, making them great for the Resource classroom, great for a review and also great for summer school, home school, RTI and tutoring.

spelling 1 year bundle cover image pink

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