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They Learned Perimeter without Worksheets!

Perimeter is the space around a shape or room. We used cm cubes to measure a rectangle with the following dimensions= length 7, height 6. Students learned how to double each side, add them up, then add those numbers up to find the final answer. This was a fun math day!!     

Welcome to Elementary Elephant, the newest K-5 teacher site!

This is a Curriculum centered website, housing teacher made lesson plans and activities. They range from grades K-5 and also include Pre-K and Special Education. Lessons are developed around either Common-Core, TX and/or AL standards. I absolutely love, love, love writing lesson plans. Call me crazy, but it’s my thing! I hope you enjoy the elementary elephant curriculum as much as my students have! Happy teaching! -Andrea

Although much of this site is under construction (since it was just born 2/7/15), it is not my 1st site. EVERYTHING kindergarten is completed at

Thanks for visiting ! -Andrea

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