MATH (4th)

Math Curriculum Bundle – This includes 7 months of skills to teach or review. These sheets are concise and short and can also be used as bell work, for homework or for remedial work in the resource classroom or after-school tutoring. Targeted skills are: 2-4 digit addition and subtraction with/without regrouping, estimating and place value to 1000, adding decimals, 1-2 digit multiplication & division, word form and more! Click here for the link!  


Bell Work This is a great way to start class. It takes about 5-10 minutes and allows children to start to work right as they enter class. This is independent work appropriate for 3rd-5th grade. Click here for the link!  


Informative Writing Piece – “Dinosaurs” This is a cloze paragraph model that helps to teach the steps of composing a paragraph. It also provides the sequencing words and filler words necessary to write a paragraph. This is a great way to start the process of teaching the “How’s” of writing a 4-5 paragraph writing piece. Enjoy! Click here for the link!   



Draft of Paragraph 1 and 2

Draft of paragraph 3  

Draft of paragraph 4

  More research….  

Final a Draft! – Title Page & Author   

Final Draft – Paragraph 1

  Final Draft – Paragraph 2  
Final Draft – Paragraph 3

  Final Draft – Paragraph 4 Scoring Rubric – Students receive this before they begin any writing. Then, they are aware of expectations.



Full Year Spelling Curriculum This has been aligned with the 4th grade Common Core State Standards and also with some of the Pearson/Reading Street word suggestions (modified)  Click here for the link! 


Story Test – “The Great Kapok Tree” -This is a modified test, including only 3 multiple choice answer choices (not 4)! Click here for the link!