I am a mom of 4 teenagers…ages 13, 15, 16 and 17! They inspire me! I grew up in Alabama and currently teach in Washington state.

I am the quiet teacher next door, until you enter my classroom! My classroom comes alive with reading adventures, projects, and small group learning. In my room, we make mistakes and we move on. We learn respect as we practice it. We talk about our challenges, make goals and reach them in small math and reading groups and also individually. My classroom changes from year to year, along with my students. I collaborate with my colleagues where we plan, cry and laugh! What adventures teachers have from day to day, right?!!

I’ve been blessed to teach a range of grade levels over my past 19 years of teaching, including Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd and 3rd grade, Sp.Ed-PK, Sp.Ed-K and Sp.Ed-4th/5th. My classroom for the past several years consists of K-5th grade students and I teach the following subjects: Reading, Writing and Math. Small groups rotate into my classroom and I go into classrooms to engage in inclusion.

So why did I make this site? In my spare time, I make curriculum, instead of flipping through workbooks and searching the web looking for exactly what my students need. 

Why make curriculum? Well, by my 3rd year teaching, I came up with a lesson plan template/guide/system that helped me in my organizing and teaching. I actually started liking writing lesson plans! So much…that I got my Masters degree in Curriculum and Instruction! I learned how to align lesson plans with state learning standards, curriculum, IEP goals and of course the Common Core State Standards. It may sound a ‘lil nerdy, but that’s my niche. And that’s why I am here! My years of “stuff” is no longer in file cabinets, hard drives and on jump drives, but is live and digital and online-blog style!