Informative Writing Piece – “Dinosaurs” This is a cloze paragraph model that helps to teach the steps of composing a paragraph. It also provides the sequencing words and filler words necessary to write a paragraph. This is a great way to start the process of teaching the “How’s” of writing a 4-5 paragraph writing piece. Enjoy! Click here to take you to the link!  


Draft of “Cloze” model – Paragraph 1 and 2  

Draft of “Cloze” model – Paragraph 3  

Paragraph 4 Template   

 More research!  

Now that all the the research and templates have been completed, the final draft begins! 

Final draft! Title page!

Final draft – Paragraph 1 

Final draft – Paragraph 2  

Final draft – Paragraph 3

Final Draft- Paragraph 4  

Scoring rubric!

There is just something about typing! To many students, typing is a novelty and is a fun task. It is much more exciting than writing.  To many, it is also easier!